New AQI Monitors (June 7, 2024):
The BFHD Environmental Health Team is partnering with Washington State DOH and the WA Department of Ecology to install Purple Air sensors in the Finely area. These sensors will be working 24/7 to gather air quality data that is easily accessible to the public.

The BFHD EH team began installing the sensors on
Friday 6/8/24 and will continue to work with community members into next week to place them in strategic locations. Data from the Purple Air sensors is available in real-time to the public by visiting the EPA Fire and Smoke Map (airnow.gov).

Community members can now see the air quality in their area and use the
Washington Air Quality Guide for Particle Pollution to make decisions to protect their health. If you’re affected by the Finley Lineage Logistics fire, you can continue to call (509) 460-4205 or email [email protected] if you need help.


Recap of Finley Air Filtration Unit Drive-Thru Event (June 2, 2024):
We are pleased to share the outcomes of our recent event held in response to the Lineage Fire. During the event, we distributed all of our available supplies, including approximately 1,000 masks, 96 air purifiers, and 91 box fans and filters. Our BFHD team also made four home visits to homebound residents. While we still have some masks on hand, we are awaiting additional supplies. We will share details of our next event as soon as it is scheduled.

Thank you again to Commissioner Will McKay, Fire Chief Scott LoParco and the Fire District 1 Team for assisting BFHD Staff in this recent drive-thru event.

In the meantime, please sign up for CODE RED to stay updated on any events or alerts. If you need an N95 mask the Fire District 1 Station has a supply.

The CODE RED system is a free service for residents of Benton and Franklin Counties, providing timely alerts about emergencies in your area. 

The purpose of the CODE RED system is to ensure people stay informed and aware during emergencies. To sign up for visit www.bces.wa.gov and for Franklin County visit www.franklinem.org or call 509-628-2600.

Recap Finley Mask N95 Drive-Thru (May 30, 2024):

Thank you to the residents who came out to receive masks and speak with Commissioner Will McKay, Fire Chief Scott LoParco and Erin Hockaday, along with our partners and supportive staff from Benton-Franklin Health District. On May 30th, 38 households received a total of 330 N95 masks along with health education materials.

“While there is smoke present it is safer to remain indoors, however we know that some people need to spend time outdoors even while the air may be unhealthy. Wearing a properly fitted N95 mask can significantly reduce your exposure to harmful particulate matter present in smoke. This is crucial for protecting your respiratory health, especially for individuals with lung or heart conditions,” -Dr. Steve Krager, BFHD Health Officer

Thank you to the residents of Finley for your participation in the Town Hall meeting on Wednesday night. Our responding agencies are working together to assist in the best way possible. Here, you can find the latest links and information regarding upcoming events, resources, health guidance on smoke and water, and agency connections. Please be patient with us as we work to organize resource distribution and gather the requested information and data.

If you or someone you know in Finley or impacted from the Lineage Logistics Fire needs assistance or is homebound, please reach out. 509-460-4205 (Environmental Health) (Email specifically for the emergency response coming soon).

FAQ: Smoke From Fires – Health Information

Outdoor smoke contains very small particles and gases. These particles can get into your eyes and lungs where they can cause health problems. This information has been adapted from the Smoke From Fires | Washington State Department of Health. The same guidance for wildfire smoke also applies to the Lineage Logistics Fire.

FAQ: Potential Ground Water/Drinking Well Issues
Associated with the Lineage Fire


No Immediate Threat to Drinking Water 

Fortunately, there does NOT appear to be an immediate threat to the drinking water of homes near the site that use private wells for drinking water. For contaminated water to rapidly get into the groundwater wells, the wells would need to be submerged with run-off water (see graphic). BFHD has found NO evidence of this. If you know a well near the fire being submerged by run-off water, please contact Jim Coleman (509) 460-4319 at BHFD.


If the run-off water did not directly travel down a well shaft, then it needs to travel through the soil, sand, gravel, and rock to get to the groundwater.  Then, it would need to travel to the area where the drinking well is located.  All of this can take a relatively long time-months to years.

Drinking Water Well


Air Quality Alerts:

Reports from the purple air monitors are showing Moderate to Unhealthy air in the Finley region. Please visit Air Now for your local report and guidance to keep you and your family safe.
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