If you have a medical condition that requires you to use sharps and needles and need to dispose them, contact your local Waste Collection Company (WCC).  If you do not know who your WCC is, check your utility billing statement.  


WCC in Benton & Franklin Counties:

  • Basin Disposal:  509.547.2476
  • City of Richland: 509.942.7498
  • Ed’s Disposal:  509.547.2476
  • Sanitary Disposal:  541.567.8842
  • Waste Management:  509.586.7555


Medical Facilities and Businesses

Business that generate a large amount of sharps waste should contact a disposal company (see list below) who will provide proper packaging, pick-up and disposal.  Small businesses can contact on-line sharps mail order disposal companies on the internet.  These companies will provide disposal containers and allow you to dispose via mail for a fee.

Stericycle                                                  331.300.3238
Waste Management Medical Waste        509.582.5121


Contact: Jim Coleman at Benton-Franklin Health District 509.460.4319

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