Nurturing Bonds: National Breastfeeding Month
Posted on 08/22/2023

August is a special month for mothers, babies, and families as it marks National Breastfeeding Month. This annual celebration highlights the benefits of breast milk for both infants and mothers. It also is a time to appreciate how a supportive environment can make a difference in empowering mothers to successfully breastfeed. There are several health benefits of breastfeeding and many ways that communities can support mothers. 


The Importance of National Breastfeeding Month

PictureNational Breastfeeding Month was proclaimed back in 2011Each week of the month has a different theme and focus but, overall, the month-long celebration promotes awareness about the benefits of breastmilk and how to offer support to mothers as they feed their children. This year’s theme is “This is Our Why” and shines light on the many reasons that organizations work to protect and support breastfeeding.  


The Benefits of Breastfeeding 

Breastmilk is often referred to as the “gold standard” for infant nutrition due to its exclusive benefits. The unique make-up of breast milk provides essential nutrients, antibodies and enzymes that are made to baby’s specific needs, boosting their immune system, and protects them against infections and illnesses. Breastmilk changes with time to meet an infant’s changing needs. In addition, the physical closeness during breastfeeding promotes a strong bond between mother and baby

For mothers, breastfeeding offers a variety of natural benefits as well. It helps in birth recovery by helping the uterus contract and reduces the risk of excessive bleeding. It also supports weight loss and helps protect against certain types of cancer, including breast and ovarian cancer. Plus, breastfeeding promotes the release of a hormone called oxytocin which helps reduce stress levels. 


Creating a Supportive Environment 

One of the action items supported by National Breastfeeding Month is to create a supportive environment that allows mothers to breastfeed comfortably and confidently. This involves promoting breastfeeding-friendly workplaces, public spaces, and healthcare settings. When we support breastfeeding as a natural and important practice, mothers are more likely to feel empowered to provide breast milk to their babies. 


Business and public spaces can contribute to the effort by providing designated breastfeeding areas, allowing flexible break times for working mothers, and offering education and awareness programs to employees. Partners, families, and friends can also play a key role by offering understanding, encouragement, and practical assistance to breastfeeding mothers. 


Celebrate National Breastfeeding Month 

Let us use this month as an opportunity to bring awareness, share information, and foster a culture that values and respects the choice to provide human milkTo learn more about joining the conversations that surround policy and practice change, check out the US Breastfeeding Committee website at 


And for more valuable resources on breastfeeding, check out the USDA’s WIC Breastfeeding page Homepage | WIC Breastfeeding Support (